How Esther Arunga Messed Up Her life after joining Illuminati


Esther Arunga’s life as journalist was flourishing before she met a completely spoiled Luo man by the name Quincy Timberlake. Timberlake, who hails from Mogori, melted Esther’s heart and eventually convinced her into leaving a well-paying job as a news anchor at KTN.

Quincy Timberlake got rich after joining Illuminati.Initially,he was doing vibarua in Nairobi but few meetings with a popular owner of a church in Nairobi, he was recruited into Illuminati and later earned over Ksh100 million which he used to confuse and convince Esther.

Esther, a lawyer by profession, abandoned her well-paying job and flew with Quincy to Australia though she was set to get married to another man. Her parents were against Esther’s union with Quincy but the TV siren threatened to sue them, forcing the parents to give up on her.

In Australia, Esther Arunga gave birth to a baby boy. They fattened the boy until he was three years when Quincy’s church told him to sacrifice him so as to get Ksh200 million.One morning, Quincy took a razor blade and pierced the child’s head and blood started flowing. It’s after it emerged that the boy won’t die from the cut, Quincy together with Esther killed the boy by hitting him in the stomach several time.

Before Quincy had collected the money from his masters, police pounced on him and took him to jail.

Autopsy results revealed that the child had been hit severely by a blunt object which resulted into his death

After a series of court hearings, on Monday Esther finally admitted to being an accessory to murder by covering her husband against blame

The court will give its decision today where she faces a minimum of 25yrs in prison

Sheryl Sandburg in her book LEAP IN said “the most important career decision a woman can make is by choosing the man to marry choose the wrong one and it’s the end of you literally … ”

There are two options for Esther: Either to be jailed for 25 years or be deported to Kenya. But all signs show that he will definitely be jailed.