Services Offered by Huduma Namba


The government of Kenya has gazette the services to be offered by Huduma Namba.The Huduma Namba will be a mandatory among Kenyans by December 2019.Whoever fails to take up the number will not get most of the government services.

Every citizen shall have a mandatory obligation to present the Huduma Namba in order to:

  1. Be issued with a passport
  2. Apply for a driving license
  3. Register a mobile phone number
  4. Register as a voter
  5. Pay taxes
  6. Transact in the financial market
  7. Open a bank account
  8. Register a company or a public benefit organization
  9. Transfer or make any dealings in land
  10. Register for electricity connection
  11. Access universal healthcare services
  12. Benefit from the government housing scheme
  13. Register a marriage
  14. Enroll into a public educational facility
  15. Access social protection services
  16. Register or transfer a motor vehicle
  17. Any other specified public services

The Huduma Namba registration exercise was conducted early 2019 where a number of Kenyans registered. The government plans to conduct another registration exercise to allow those who did not register before to register.