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I accidentally Impregnated 3 of My Workmates During a Staff Team Building in Mombasa, What Should I do


My name is Omondi and I need your help. We recently had team building program in Mombasa for two weeks. It was my first time I was in Mombasa and I was overjoyed.

I have three workmates, two are interns and one is our secretary. I realized they were also overexcited while we were eating and making merry. The first day was busy because we took time to familiarize ourselves with the area but as time went by I found myself with too much freedom until I started seducing one of our interns, who accepted.

For the two weeks we were in Mombasa, Satan tempted me until I slept with three workmates. Last week all of them came to the office and told me they are pregnant. Our secretary has 4 children and she is 15 years older than me, she is forcing me to marry her imagine or she sue me for child support—this woman is desperate. Another intern told me to marry her or she exposes me to our manager. The one who irritated me most is a tiny intern who is not even beautiful, she also forced me to marry her but she is too ugly for me.I don’t know where to hide because I don’t even sleep at night, I am staring at nightmares.

I know God loves me and I am ready to repent but I don’t want anything to do with women not. What should I do? I was just having fun with them, I didn’t love them, why are they forcing themselves on me?!!!