How I Was Dumped by My Girlfriend Who Discovered I was Living in a Bedsitter in Nairobi


I am Caleb from Nairobi and I have an issue. I have known Jennifer for 10 months. We met in college when I was pursuing my undergraduate degree during part time,Jennifer was also a part time student.

Since we met, we have been dating. The first time we had intimacy was in a lodging. All along she knows I am a well off because I buy expensive food and finance her daily activities. I have never invited her to my house.

Last week she told me she wanted to know my place. Since I was cock sure she is mine, I didn’t have anything to worry about. I invited her to Umoja where I live in a bedsitter. Of course I have built my own home in Eldoret and I have 3 acres of land in Nakuru and since I don’t have a family, I am forced to live in a bedsitter in Nairobi.

When Jennifer arrived, I welcomed her. But the moment she discovered I live in a bedsitter, her facial expression changed and for the time she was in the house, she didn’t smile as she used to do.

We spent few minutes together when she decided to leave, she said she was in a hurry. What shocked me most was when she wrote this message to me, “I can’t date a broke and poor man, I am done with you”.

Yesterday I sent a picture of my 5 bedroom house,I explained to her the conditions that made me live in a bedsitter.She went ahead and inquired from my sister whether it’s true I own the house.Whe she discovered it’s my house,she wrote this,”Sorry darling, now we can talk,I am all yours”

I need your help,can I go ahead and marry this girl?