How Telegram Scammers of Betting Tips Operate


Telegram has become a home for Kenyan youths to earn a living by providing premium betting tips, but there are numerous reports of Kenyans being scammed by conmen purporting to be sourcing odds from UK, Nigeria, Turkey etc. Scammers in telegram speak the same language. In this post we will take you step by step on how to determine that you are about to be scammed.

Starting and operating a Telegram channel is free. Scammers find it easy to give tips through Telegram because they can easily disappear without a trace.

The first step is to open a Telegram Channel with a fancy channel, then jam Facebook and Twitter popular pages with posts redirecting unsuspecting Kenyans to their Telegram channels.

Once they find potential prey, they sweet talk them. The first thing they would tell you is that they get 100% accurate tips from the source. Nobody in Telegram will be honest to tell you that they analyze games themselves.

Telegram scammers know that their suspects would not seek the services twice, they will therefore quote unrealistic figures like Ksh4,000, Ksh5,000, Ksh 5,000 or up to Ksh50,000 for the single tips they provide. One thing they fear is a subscription that lasts more than 1 month. These guys know that once someone pays, say Ksh5,000, once, even if they don’t come back, the damage has already been done. Assuming they get 5 clients per day, they earn at least Ksh30,000.

Once the scammers receive the money, they will again demand some fee for unlocking the tips, that’s if they realize that you are willing to pay. All this time, they will be telling you that the tips are 100% accurate and encourage you to stake high. By the way, these guys are smart, the language they use is out of this world, even if you weren’t willing to part with your money, you’ll find yourself paying.

After you have made your payment, the scammer will hurriedly send 1 or 2 games they have picked from Sportpesa or any betting site they believe is popular, they will then wish you good luck. Woe unto you if you stake high. These people know that their victims prefer high odds, they will go for correct score or HT/FT categories— Nobody should assure you that they are 100% accurate of correct score predictions.

But the most popular act among scammers in Telegram is that they block you immediately you pay them especially if you pay huge amount of money at once. If you dare call them, they will start threatening you.

One thing I almost forgot is that all Telegram Channel scammers understand how to use Photoshop. They would manipulate figures and with the aid of Photoshop come up with evidence showing huge winnings. One would upload the photo in his channel showing previous winnings of huge amounts, normally in the range of Ksh100,000 to Ksh2 million. Any short sighted Kenyan would fall to the trap and get convinced that things are rosy. What I should remind you is that whenever you see previous huge winnings on Telegram, that should be a sign that you are dealing with a scammer. Some of us send winning tips but not with high odds, we prefer 2 to 10 odds and the realistic winnings are Ksh500 to Ksh50,000

Before you commit yourself into paying for betting tips on Instagram, make sure you go through comments by those using the tips. Unfortunately, the scammers have created several accounts where they comment as guests, so you won’t know which comment is genuine or not.

To make you comfortable, we shall list ways to identify a scammer in Telegram;

They demand for unrealistic amount (Ksh3,000 and above) which does not last for a duration of time but once.

  1. They claim to be getting tips from UK, Turkey, Nigeria or any country outside Kenya
  2. They have several Telegram channels
  3. They use Photoshop to show huge previous winnings
  4. They don’t own a busy website
  5. Their identity is hidden
  6. They use fancy names to attract their victims
  7. They have created several accounts where they comment on their own posts as guests

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