Tribes Most Affected by Gambling in Kenya


Gambling his now rampant among all tribes in Kenya but there are specific tribes which are most affected by betting.

The main reason why Kenyans, especially the youth, gamble is because they are jobless and desperate. Statistics show that at least 12 million Kenyans gamble every month. Out of the 12 million,7 million gamble on Sportpesa jackpot.

In terms of addiction based on tribe, here are the tribes most affected by gambling in Kenya:

  1. Kalenjin

More than 2 million of the Kalenjins are addicted to gambling. This is the most affected tribe in Kenya. The major reason why they are most affected is because they live in the village where they don’t spend on transport, housing and food; they have a lot of money on their disposal. Kalenjins practice farming and after making sales, they find themselves with a lot of money for luxuries. Since Kalenjins love sports, they will gladly embrace anything to do with sports where they believe they’ll earn millions.

Another reason is due to the fact that they trust easily. The advertisements about their people winning millions from betting contribute so much that every Kalenjin believes they will also win.

  1. Kamba

The second most addicted tribe is Kamba. The main reason they bet is because most of them are poor, they want quick money. Kamba people also walk in groups and they like discussing good things. Out of peer group influence, they have found themselves addicted to betting, even women.

  1. Luo

Luo naturally love football. Since betting is majorly associated with football, they always find themselves chasing money in the betting industry.

Luos are also ranked among the most educated Kenyans, sadly they are poor. Due to poverty and joblessness, they find betting as the only option remaining.

  1. Kikuyu

Though Kikuyu is the most populous tribe,they are cautious when gambling. Unlike Kalenjins who bet to the last coin, Kikuyus bet cutiously.You’ll rarely find them betting for Sportpesa jackpot ,but Betpawa.They prefer the latter because it costs Ksh10 only.

  1. Luhya

Luhyas have a heart of betting but they don’t have resources. Those who have already joined this industry have never found themselves outside. Luo and Luhya are the most fanatics of football. It therefore comes naturally that they love gambling.

  1. Kisii

Kisiis love gambling but they are stingy. They would bet today and if they lose, they will stop for a while before they resume…but they are addicted anyway.

The least affected tribe is Maasai, Turkana and other tribes in Northern Kenya where internet services are poor.

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