How Each Tribe in Kenya will Spend Ksh 1 Million


If you sample persons from each tribe in Kenya and give each Ksh1 million, you won’t expect them to spend the money the same way. Assuming you take men from 7 tribes and give them Ksh1 million, then tell each one of them to do whatever he wants with the money, here is what you’ll expect them to do:

  1. Luo man

A Luo man will start calling his friends due to excitement. He will deposit Ksh 900,000 in his bank account and promise kuchafua meza that evening. He will go to a car hire and hire a Mercedes to move him around. That evening, you’ll spot him in Kilimani entertaining his friends while surrounded by a group of women.

The man will also relocate from Kibera to Kilimani where he will be paying Ksh 45,000 per month, money is not a problem. He will go to Furniture palace and buy Ksh175,000 furniture.

Out of the Ksh1 million,he will enroll at UoN for a masters program and pour Ksh300,000 into school fees,the rest will help him complete Masters.

  1. Kalenjin

Kalenjin will take the money home. The following morning, he will pick all his brothers and take them to Ntanai market where they will buy 20 cows. He might make up his mind and marry a second wife and build her a semi-permanent house. The rest of the money ni kuburudika na kubet Sportpesa.He will also arrange to visit Uhuru park and KICC to take photos then return home a hero.

  1. Kisii

A Kisii man will take Ksh 500,000 and start a grocery shop together with a butchery. He will pay school fees for his sibling and keep the rest in his bank account to keep checking the balance every time. You will occasionally find him in the bar seated with friends while taking cheap alcohol as they discuss Matiangi. He will also add 5 girlfriends to entertain him when he is not angry.Every time he meets one girlfriend,he’ll give her Ksh100 for transport and promise to marry her.

  1. Kikuyu

If he has a shop, he will add more stock, save the rest to buy a plot in Kitengela or Joska.Alternatively, he will buy land worth Ksh 650,000 then start a business with the remaining amount. Occassionally, you’ll spot him in a pub alone taking beer as he writes something in a notebook while wearing miwani.

  1. Luhya

A Luhya man will straight away thing of his mpango wa kando, this is a wonderful opportunity to show his wife that he is a man—he will marry a second wife.The man will then go home and build a semi-permanent house for his second wife,the rest of the money ni ya burudani,utaona amenunua Toyota Corolla ya 1999,KAA ya kukula raha.

  1. Kamba

Kamba will marry straight away. After settling, he will take Ksh 200,000 and give it to a Manager in industrial area for a messenger position. After getting the job,he will be comfortable forever. He will use the remaining Ksh300,000 to build a small house in Ukambani.