Most romantic ladies in Kenya


Which tribe has the most romantic ladies in Kenya? Over the past few years we have been sampling the opinion of Kenyan men to determine the tribe which has most romantic men in Kenya, the results were shocking.

The worst tribe to date is Kikuyu, followed by Kisii. If money stops flowing in, the romance dies a natural death. But there are tribes which are naturally romantic whether food, money or shelter are available or not.

  1. Kamba

Kamba ladies are extremely romantic and hot. You don’t have to go on your knees for her to show you love, they love naturally. What you will love most about them is that regardless of the situation, they are ready for love.

Besides romance, Kamba are also beautiful, the second most beautiful ladies in Kenya.

  1. Luhya

The second most romantic tribe is the Luhya.It’s almost impossible for a Luhya woman to dump you when you are good in bed and food is available. What is needed from a man is having energy to satisfy her in bed and being able to provide basic needs. Luhya have the least divorce cases in Kenya.

  1. Luo

As long as you show a Luo woman that you love her, she will love you back for the longest time possible. Luo women are not only good in bed but they have the best curves.

  1. Maasai

Maasai women possess natural beauty, they are also very romantic.If you need a wife material, pick one from the Maasai community.

  1. Kisii

As long as there is plenty of food A Kisii woman will love you to death.The worst thing for Kisii women is that they are hot tempered,wanakasirika haraka.

  1. Taita women

Taita women love cooking, they are beautiful and submissive. The problem is that another man can snatch her from you if you aren’t careful.

  1. Kalenjin

Kalenjin will love you when your feelings correlates with hers, if she likes you she will love you until old age but if she is fed up with you, you’ll never taste her love.