Niliskia Bibi akimwambia Gym Instructor,”Wekelea Uzito,Zungusha hivi na uchomelee,Nimekwanikia”,Kupinduka Sikuamini macho yangu


Mimi sipendi kukasirika,napenda Amani,hata watu wa kwetu wanajua sina maneno,but my wife has done what I didn’t expect.

I met my wife at a wedding ceremony in Nairobi in 2014 through my cousin. They were friends. After exchanging numbers, we started talking on phone and one thing led to another. In 2015 February she started coming to my house, she would come on Saturday afternoon, do some washing and sleep over. It reached a time she would come on Friday and return on Sunday. Over time we get used to each other until we decided to cohabit.

In 2016 we were blessed with our first born. I don’t know why it was so quick, after one year we got our last born. I have been taking care of the children since then. My wife completed college in 2017 and since then he had been jobless. Luckily, she got a job at a constant firm in Nairobi CBD.

I leave for work at 6 am and leave her in the bed. In the evening I arrive at 8 pm,so most of the time I don’t follow what she does because I get extremely exhausted. But there is a strange character she had developed since she got a job, she has become so disrespectful and rude. Even when I tell her to do any work for me,she flatly refuse.I can even take 2 weeks without having intimacy with her. Mimi sijawahishuku anything because she behaves as if she is responsible.

Last month one of my friends who goes to a gym in town sent me a photo with acaption,”Caleb,hebu cheki,si huyu ni Stella?” Looking at the phot keenly,it was my wife holding a Gym instructor tightly while they enter a private room.Nilisikia uchungu wote ,hata sikuiangalia hiyo picha mara ya pili.That night I didn’t even sleep nor talk to Stella,I could easily kill her.

After one week, my friend told me it has become worse. He intimated that the two,Gym instructor and my wife, wait until everybody goes then they enter the room.I decided enough is enough and told him to inform me when he spots the two in the Gym.

One evening as I was coming from Anniversary Towers, he told me to hurry up.I went straight to the Gym.The door was closed from inside but I decided to listen from outside. Niliskia Bibi akimwambia Gym Instructor,”Wekelea Uzito,Zungusha hivi na uchomelee,Nimekwanikia”,niliskisikia dunia inimeze nisione chochote.

Sile saut nilisikia huku machozi yakitiririka hata shetani alinihurumia.Ya mwisho ilikuwa huyo mtu akiongea na sauti kibwa,”kitu tamu inanyonyanyonya,ulikuwa wapi nikuoe mapema?”

Nilipiga nduru huku nikilia.Kidogo tu nikaona bibi akikuja kufungua mlango huku akijipangusa jasho kwa uso,huyo mtu yake alikuwa nyuma akimsindikiza.

I slapped the man once and asked why he is sleeping with my wife.I got a beating that left me on the floor bleeding. He then told me rudely,”bibi yako nimemkula mara mingi,hata kesho atakuja nimpige maji,fanya chenye unataka ngombe hii”.

I went to a chemist that evening, bought pain killers and went home.But as I arrived home I found my wife had packed her belongings and disappeared.

That same night, I got a message from a strange number which read,”Listen,I have married your woman, go and tell the police”. Upon inquiring the following morning,I confirmed it was the same person who beat me.The pain was so unbearable until I decided to revenge. I didn’t want to call people to beat him but to do what I did to my neighbor who had stolen my cows. I took the contacts I had and called Dr Mugwenu.Here are the contacts:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]


I told him there is a man who has caused me sleepless nights.Dr Mugwenu requested for all details including the man’s location, he told me to relax and wait for two to one week.

Last week is when I got the best laugh of my life. While seated in kitchen boiling pumpkin, a message came to my phone. “Baby forgive me, we are suffering here, we can’t sleep”, the message was from my wife.

I decided to ignore the message. The following day she called and told me a person has come to their bedroom three times while carrying a knife at night, whenever they try to attack the person, he disappears to the air, they fear he might kill them. They pleaded with me to forgive them because the gym instructor is not even capable to rise as a man.Nilimwambia shauri yake.Shorly after rejecting her request,the Gym instructor requested to pay me so that I can forgive them. I can’t tell you how much I got but I had the last laugh. I chased my wife away and I am happy.Kama kuna mtu anasumbua ndoa yako call +254740637248