This is What Killed Joyce Laboso—the disease she was suffering from


Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso is dead and so many Kenyans are asking what killed her and which disease she was suffering from.Well,the Bomet Governor was suffering from Cancer.

Joyce discovered that she was a cancer patient when the disease was at stage 4.Early this year,she went for treatment in UK where she had chemotherapy. When doctors failed to manage her condition, she was transferred to India where she stayed for less than 2 weeks. One of her relatives inform us that in India, Joyce was told her case was so serious that the only thing they would do is to give her drugs to prolong her life.

Three weeks ago, she quietly jetted back into the country .But even as she was resting at home, the disease was eating her. Two weeks ago, she appeared in public for prayers, it’s after that meeting that she was rushed to Nairobi.

Joyce has been in the ICU for more than a week and it’s today that her journey on earth came to an end.RIP