My Elderly Husband Has Refused To Die So That I Can Inherit his wealth


I am Mercy from Kerugoya.I am 32 years old and my husband is 79.I got married to this man 9 years ago when his wife died. His only son also died 4 years ago, I am now remaining with the man. He is rich, he owns matatus, plots and residential property. My only problem is that I have waited for him to die but I don’t see any signs of him dying soon so that I can inherit all his wealth. The man is stingy, he doesn’t want me to enjoy life, he only gives me Ksh2,000 every month as pocket money, he also doesn’t take me out.

Recently, I took him for a medical checkup when he developed common cold, I was hoping to get good news that he is suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or cancer but the doctors said he only had cold, he was given some tablet to take for three days and told to take fruits to improve his immunity.

I don’t see him dying soon as I expected. I want to enjoy life, please advise me on what to do…I didn’t marry him to suffer but because I saw he was rich.