How I have infected 400 men with HIV in Kasariani, Kinyozi lady Explains


While I enjoy my work, shaving men and making money, I have also done thing I know God won’t forgive me.I first discovered that I was HIV positive in 2007 .I was infected by an Army officer who used to live in Kahawa barracks. The news almost took me to the grave as I figured out how I would live with the rest for the remaining part of my life.

Immediately I discovered I had AIDS, my attitude started changing, I started becoming less productive. At the time I was working in my aunt’s hotel, I had just finished form four. I had a lot of time to explore and enjoy life, that’s when I met the army officer.

With time my health deteriorated until my aunt asked me,”Glady’s what’s happening?”. I just told her I am okay, maybe it’s because I am adjusting to the new environment. But over time, it became worse until I visited the hospital where I was given ARVs, my CD4 count had gone low.

One thing that affected me most is when I discovered that the officer had intentionally infected me with the disease. I was extremely bitter. To make matters worse, when I asked him, he responded,” Shauri yako”. He ended up dumping me after few months and blocked my number.

I knew I was to die and I didn’t want to die alone. The work in my aunt’s place was getting boring as I became lonelier. After some time, a friend of mine told me she was opening a salon and Kinyozi and asked if I would help her,I said why not. We moved to Githurai where I rented a single room of Ksh 2,000 at the time.

The first few weeks were cold with few customers. We had someone who was training me on how to do haircut, my friend was in the salon section. Sometimes I was given the machine to do shave especially children and over time I became used to the work and started doing it as an expert.

The kinyozi became popular. We started attracting customers from as far as Mwiki and Juja.With time we decided to introduce a massage room for men. My first causality was the man who trained me on how to shave. One morning, before customers came,I decided to massage him,he became too weak and called for the service. He offered to pay me Ksh 1,000.Sinced there was no CDs,she did it nyama kwa nyama.I infected him.My second casualty is my friend’s husband.It happened that my friend was in Mombasa ,she went to visit her aunt who was sick,her husband visited the Kinyozi,he requested me to shave her and after I had finished,he ordered for massage.

In the massage room, things became too hot until he told me, ”Glady’s aki siwezivumilia,nipe tu mara moja”.I pleaded with him to stop it,but since he cried a lot,I sympathized and gave him.The big problem is that he didn’t use protection, I ended up infecting him.

I saw after three months of infecting him, my friend started developing rashes, consistent coughing and sweating a lot. She confirmed her status in 2015 after visiting hospital. I remember that day they fought with the husband as I cried in my room of the damage I had done.

What I have discovered is that whenever a man comes for shaving, they request for massage and less than 10% of them are not tempted. Men are week creatures, almost all of them will sleep with a lady without protection. I have slept with over 400 men and only 17 of them used protection. I still respect 3 men who refused sex after massage. I charge Ksh1,000 for happy ending, none of them has ever refused.

It’s not that I had the intention of infecting men with HIV, it’s because I felt lonely and bitter after my boyfriend infected.He is now dead,RIP,but I have done a lot of damage which only God can save.I am now ready to die.