Institute of Quantity Surveyors of Kenya (IQSK) Entrance Fees & Annual Subscriptions Amount


If you want to be registered by the Institute of Quantity Surveyors of Kenya (IQSK) you need to pay entrance fees and annual subscription .The amount to be paid depends on whether you are a student, experienced professional or fresh graduate.

Here is a table showing the money to pay for entrance and annual subscription:


Membership  Entrance Fee (Kshs)  Annual Subscription (Kshs)
Fellows  11,000
 100,000 (Lifetime)
Professional  3,000  7,000
 Licentiate  1,500 4,500
 Graduate  1,500  3,000
 Technician  750  2,500
 Students 400

The key benefits that you stand to enjoy as an IQSK member are as follows.

  • Access to publications such as The Quantity Surveyor
    The IQSK regularly published the Quantity Surveyor, a professional journal that bring the latest information and news about quantity surveying to current professionals. The journal keeps IQSK members up to date on various issues including changes in the legal and regulatory environment, new quantity surveying technics and technologies, and emerging marketing opportunities.
  • Professional recognition by colleagues and others working in the building and construction industry
    Once you register as a member of the IQSK, you will get professional recognition which translates to more influence in industry, and usually, greater credibility among clients. Professional recognitions will also ensure that you rise to the highest possible ranks within your career line, backed by solid professional experience.
  • Access to Continuous Professional Development opportunities
    Members of IQSK have access to CPD activities that are recognized by BORAQS, some organizes internally, and others organized by affiliate organization. As a members, we will send you frequent information about what you need to do to attain your annual CPD points, and in so doing, you will continue to grow as a professional.These are just a few of the opportunities you will enjoy as a registered member of the IQSK.