List of Estates in Kisumu


Kisumu has several estates, Riat is one of the estates where the rich live while Kondele is for the poor. Most of the houses built in the town are single rooms, bedsitters and one bedroom.

A single room house costs Ksh 3,000 to Ksh 7,000 depending on the estate you live in while one bedroom house costs between Ksh 6,000 and Ksh 13,000. A two bedroom house will cost you Ksh12,00 to Ksh25,000.

If you want to live in Kisumu, here are estates you should look for a house in:

  1. Kondele
  2. Manyatta
  3. Tom Mboya
  4. Polyview
  5. Nyalenda
  6. Migosi
  7. Nyamasaria
  8. Riat
  9. Milimani
  10. Okore
  11. Mamboleo

Rich people in Kisumu live at Riat where Raila Odinga has built his own State House.Another estate where the who is who in Kisumu live is Milimani, which is less than 10 minutes’ drive from Kisumu CBD

If you monthly income is less than Ksh 50,000, the best estates to live in are Mamboleo,Manyatta,Migosi and Polyview but if you are well off,just look for a house at Riat,Milimani or Polyview.