“Nataka hiyo Wamlambez yako ijae ndani”,Nilisikia kilio ya bibi huku nikikamua,Kukimbia nikaona hiki


Vitu zingine nikifikiria nasikia kulia.I don’t know why this happened to me when I treat her like a queen. I am a loving husband who never fails to provide for his family but what my wife did to me last month left me in total chaos.

We got married in 2015 after I personally went with our village elders and delivered dowry of 2 cows,3 goats, a cock and Ksh10,000. My wife’s parents were happy. We have been living happily with our two children.

Problems started when I was transferred to Nairobi and left her at home with my mother. I used to go home every weekend to check on them. For one year I didn’t notice anything. Last year December I decided to put up an MPESA shop for her so that she can be busy.

Whenever I visited the village, I could pass through the shop and greet her before I moved to the main house. Our MPESA shop is an extension of our house. But last month, I didn’t pass through the shop because I had some luggage I wanted to drop to my mother first. After visiting my mother, I realized that cows had not been milked, I took the milking jerrican and proceeded for milking.

“Nataka hiyo Wamlambez yako ijae ndani”,Nilisikia kilio ya bibi huku nikikamua.I thought it was a person who had attacked,I rushed to the shop to see what was happening.When I got closer,I heard a man tell her,”leo iko tamu aje,ama ni vile kunanyesha”.I went even near,maybe my ears were cheating me, that’s when I confirmed my wife was entertaining a man.I pushed the door hard and found myself inside the kiosk.A man in police uniform emerged,he immediately told me,”guza uone”.Sababu ya uoga nilijikunja nikatoka huku nikilia.

I couldn’t imagine how my wife could entertain another man in my shop.That evening,she came and picked her belongings,she disappeared. When I called her home,I was told she did not go there.

The following day is when I heard from my neighbor that there is a policeman who had been spotted at my shop several times. It hit me hard, I realized my wife has disappeared to another man’s house. That evening I called her,only for her to respond that she has moved one,that the man I found her with has decided to marry her.

The following morning,I went to Nairobi without solving the matter.For one week I thought my wife would call crying how desperate she is only for her to ignore me.As usual,I embarked on the journey the following Friday home.That morning,I called my wife asking whether she could come so that we can talk but she told me not to bother because she is happy wherever she is.

I am the one who saved my wife from poverty,I have spent a lot of money for her only for another man to come when she was ripe.I decided to teach them a lesson.I went straight to my phonebook and called Dr Mugwenu,I had saved his contacts.Dr Mugwenu once helped me when a workmate stole my laptop. His contacts are:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]

Website  www.mugwenudoctors.com.

Dr Mugwenu promised to solve the matter once and for all, he requested for the man’s details, which I gave him.

I relaxed in Nairobi to wait for any strange happenings.After four days my wife called begging for forgiveness,she said the man has been bleeding from his private parts,he doesn’t even rise.She even confessed that she dreams of snakes and death.I told her I am responsible for all that and requested for all the money I have used on her including what I used to open the MPESA shop.

On 12 August she called me and told me the askari has decided to pay me Ksh300,000 so as to forgive them.I gave her the bank details where he deposited the money.We parted ways.