Why Diploma Holders Are More Successful than Degree Holders in Kenya


Recent statistics in Kenya showed that diploma holders are more successful than degree graduates. The shocking statistics further projected a gloomy future for degree holders. There are several reasons why diploma holders continue to succeed while degree holders continue to suffer.

  1. Salaries

Degree holders are more expensive than diploma holders. I once went through applications for some job seekers and what I discovered is that none of the diploma holders asked for more than Ksh50,000. In the same job, degree holders asked more than Ksh50,000 yet they were to perform similar duties. Obvious, the employer went for a diploma holder because they were cheap.

  1. Ego

University graduates have harbored so much ego that they don’t want to do any other job apart from what they studied in college. Even with a degree and zero professional experience, someone wants a salary of Ksh200,000 per month. It’s this kind of ego that has resulted to dismal performance in real life.

Most graduates often say,”mimi siweziuza njugu na nimesoma”,they end up being jobless forever.

  1. Diploma graduates are not selective

A diploma holder knows that their education isn’t so advanced, they will go for anything that comes their way. What about degree holders, moreso master’s graduates? All they need is a well-paying job where they can swing in the table and order people to do work.For diploma holders, they can do anything regardless of the academic qualifications needed. The jobs demanded for degree holders are scarce, not everybody will be absorbed.

  1. Technical skills

Diploma holders mostly learn technical skills, which employers want. Degree holders are good in theory, which is not useful in the modern world.