Kenyan Woman Gives Testimony of How She Was Treated from Diabetes and Recovered without Going To Hospital


Diabetes is one of the terminal diseases and if one is not serious on treatment, it might kill them. Many people have a tendency of visiting hospitals for treatment whenever they are diagnosed with diabetes, but there are a few individuals who prefer traditional treatment.

Few decades ago, hospitals were few, people went for traditional doctors for treatment. To be honest, not many of the patients died of cancer, diabetes or Asthma because traditional medicine was effective. Nowadays, despite having numerous hospitals, treatment for cancer and diabetes is a challenge. However, there are isolated cases of diabetes patients who get cured from traditional medicine, like Alice who recently shared her testimony online.

Here is the moving testimony:

“I am Alice from Kerugoya.I believe it’s God’s grace that I am alive. In 2014 while working as usual, something unusual happened to me, went for a short call a record 10 times. This was abnormal because I used to urinate at most 5 times a day. That day I told my workmate what had happened, Gladys told replied casually,”hiyo labda ni chai ulikunywa mingi”.I assumed it was normal. The second day I thought there was a change only for the frequency to increase from 10 to 12. In addition, I started feeling lazy, very hungry and extreme fatigue. That day I didn’t even concentrated on my duties, even my boss had several questions, I remember asking me,”Alice, what’s happening, are you okay?

The problem persisted for a while before I gathered courage to go for screening. I went straight to A Nairobi Hospital where I described my condition and I was diagnosed with diabetes. My first reaction wasn’t good, I saw the doctor come while not smiling, that’s when I sensed that nothing is good. He ushered me into his room and told me on my face, “you have diabetes……but you can manage it”.I wasn’t ready to hear what he told me, the word diabetes was enough for me to urinate on myself, I couldn’t hold it anymore. He continued, “you are almost late, the best thing to do is for you to start taking medication immediately so that they can prolong your life.All I wanted to hear was that I will be healed ,not prolonging my life.

The following week I went for the drugs. Since that day I had been taking the drugs. To be honest, there is nothing as bad as taking diabetes drugs and to be on strict diet,I wasn’t happy at all. Though, my condition improved and I gained weight, the fact that I won’t be healed disturbed me a lot.I had to seek for a second opinion. When you have something that disturbs you, you will use all means to ensure you get as solution, even searching online for the best answer.Luckily,while I was reading a story of a man who was diagnosed with diabetes and was unable to perform in bed,I stumbled on the contacts of Dr Mugwenu,the traditional herbalist who saved his life.According to the man,his wife had left him for a watchman after realizing he had become broke and unable to fulfill his conjugal duties.I picked the following numbers:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]


I took the number +254740637248 and saved it in my phonebook for future reference. I then continued to take the drugs and observing the diet.However,the journey was tough,it’s as if I was struggling so hard to remain alive.

One day I said enough is enough,I called my mother to discuss with her about my condition and what I was planning to do,but she flatly refused,saying hospital drugs are better.Since I was the one feeling the pain,I ignored her advise and called Dr Mugwenu on +254740637248.He told me to go to his office after I booked an appointment.

When I arrived, he explained to me about the journey of taking the drugs, he asked if I was taking alcohol na kwa bahati mzuri I have never take alcohol. He advised that I should stop using the drugs I was given in hospital and start taking the concoction he was about to give me.Since I was determined to heal, I too his advise. But he told me not to take any drugs for three days, then I start taking his drugs.

The third day I started to take the concoction as instructed. One side effect is that the drug forced me to go for a short call even 20 times a day,I could sweat a lot and even experience running stomach. But the good thing is that Dr Mugwenu had told me of the effects.

After taking it for 3 weeks, I started noticing a change, my urine turned white, I could not sweat anymore, the running stomach stopped. I continued with the drugs until three months were over when I exhausted them. I again went for more from Dr Mugwenu.All this time I was not taking the expensive diabetes drugs I was given from hospital.

In 2017 I gathered courage to go to the hospital where I was diagnosed for diabetes, I wanted to know my progress. The doctor looked at me surprised, perhaps he was wondering why go for the second screening. After 25 minutes of screening. I was told to wait at the reception.

The doctor came and called me to his room like he did before. It’s the one statement he made that changed my life until now. The doctor wondered,”are you the one I told you are diabetic?I can see you are diabetes free”.I did’t want to hear anything more,I just took the result and went home.That day I called Dr Mugwenu to thank him,I even gave him Ksh10,000 for free because of joy.

I have been going for screening and for sure I am not diabetic anymore. I now believe traditional drugs heal.