All soccer live scores of Primera


The Primera tournament is already gaining momentum. At the moment, it is difficult to make accurate forecasts. The following teams excelled in the first round according to the data of all soccer live scores:

  • Real Madrid;
  • Atletico;
  • Mallorka;

Considering the current circumstances, Barcelona’s results are particularly interesting. After all, this club from year to year remains the main contender for victory in the Primera. Moreover, it is the current national champion. For this reason, all soccer livescores raise a number of questions.

What does Barcelona have for Primera?

At the moment, the club is under the coaching of Valverde. In past seasons, it showed rather poor results. Thus, Barcelona failed in the Champions League and the Spanish Cup. The Blau Granas’ head coach has a huge responsibility – in this case, winning the championship will not be enough. For this reason, Valverde has one last chance to prove himself. At the same time, Barcelona is included in the Primera in the following situation:

  1. The main star of the lineup is Messi. Of course, he creates real magic on the field and is an excellent key player. However, at the moment, the football player is still recovering from an injury. For this reason, it is unknown what results he will show in the upcoming season.
  2. The lineup of Barcelona got a successful update. De Jong will make the defense more fresh and creative. Griezmann is considered the main transfer of the season, which cost the Blau Granas 120 million euros. Firpo will also be great support for Alba. With these new players, Barcelona treated all weaknesses and significantly strengthened the roster.
  3. Malcolm, Sillessen, Suarez, Cardona and Murillo left the team. However, they have been replaced with very promising players. For this reason, Valverde’s decision seems completely correct.

In these circumstances, Barcelona has every chance of winning the Primera again. Indeed, Atletico is still under global restructuring, while Real lacks “fresh blood”. However, the fate of the club in the Champions League is still controversial. The main issue is Messi’s health. After all, the main tactics of Valverde was built precisely around this player.

It is also worth noting that during the pre-season Barcelona showed pretty good results, which seems a good sign. In any case, with the updated lineup, the Blau Granas will definitely demonstrate bright and intense football.