Kisii Man Demands Dowry She Paid for Wife Days after Dutch Millionaire was found in a Septic Tank


A Kisii man by the name Mochache has demanded his Ksh70,000 dowry he paid for his wife. The man, who has been married for 6 years, said he can’t live with a woman knowing well there is a septic tank outside his compound.

“I want to live in peace, Wanjoki is my wife but I have to make this painful decision, she has to go.All I want from her parents is my Ksh70,000,2 goats and 3 cows I paid as dowry”. He told villagers who gathered outside his house.

Yesterday morning, they headed Muranga where they demanded for the dowry but the woman’s parents were not in a hurry to return the dowry, saying they need the approval of village elders. However, Mochache decided to send the wife packing so as not to live in fear.