Chelsea vs Liverpool Predictions Today


The match between Chelsea and Liverpool will be played today at 6.30 pm East African time, we would provide predictions to help you determine the best odds for your bet.

Liverpool are the holders of the UEFA Champions League trophy while Chelsea are chasing top four in the EPL.The only trophy Liverpool is interested in is the EPL, which means that they will put more emphasis on today’s game more than their next Champions League game. Considering both Chelsea and Liverpool lost their midweek matches, each would try everything at their disposal to win.

Here are our predictions

  1. Liverpool to win or draw
  2. Both teams to score
  3. Over 1.5 goals
  4. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

Liverpool have 90% chances of winning against 50% chances for Chelsea. When it comes to who to score first, Chelsea being at home might score the first goal. However, Liverpool will score one or two goals in second half—Chelsea are not good in second halves.