How Mr Njuguna Sold To Me Fake Plot at Joska for Ksh 400,000 and Disappeared. I Did this To Catch Him


This Kenya has people you can’t rust, you may think someone is genuine only for him to turn against you.A case happened to me last year that opened my eyes, I almost lost my Ksh400,000 to a man I was only introduced to by a workmate, the man’s name is Njuguna.

In 2018 August one of my colleagues came with a catalog and told me there is a plot at that is selling at Ksh 1 million, the plot was 100 by 100. I was excited since it was located close to the road. I took the catalog which had the contacts for the seller.

That afternoon I called the number that was provided on the catalog and a deep voiced man received, he gave me directions to their office at Vision Plaza, Mombasa Road. Since it was a weekday, I promised to pass by on a weekend so as to know more about the plots.He assured me he will be there on that Saturday. He also told me something new, that he will be visiting the site that afternoon, if I am interested, he will go with me, I said, “why not”.

That Saturday I woke up, dressed and went straight to Vision Plaza.I arrived at second floor and was ushered in by Mr Njuguna who showed me the plot and gave me the payment details, he even gave me an okay to do a search in Lands Ministry.

I was excited the way he explained me, he even told me Kangundo road is being expanded and the prices of plots will increase. That afternoon he took me to the site where I saw the plot and we got back. He dropped me at Imara Daima where I used to live and proceeded to Vision Plaza.

The following week I went to the Lands Ministry and did a search. Surprisingly, I found that the plot was registered under the name Njuguna.I called him and informed him of the progress,then he again forwarded the bank details to him.

On Thursday, I went and transferred Ksh 400,000 I had in my account to the account Njuguna gave me,but the account was not registered under Njuguna’s name but the name of a company. He had told me that once I have paid a quarter of the money,I can even start farming as I wait to clear.

After one month, I picked my brother from Umoja and we headed to the shamba but on arrival I found another person fencing. I thought my eyes were not okay, when I asked the man,he told me he is the rightful owner of the land.I saw darkness, I didn’t know what to do.I went ahead and asked him more about the land, only for him to tell me he bought it in 2011 from a sacco,he has been ailing and now he is okay and ready to develop it.

I called Njuguna that afternoon to ask him about the situation, at first he picked the call and when I explained to him about what had happened, he switched off the phone.I didn’t wait for anything, I took a taxi and rushed to Vision Plaza only to find a cyber café where the man’s office was initially located. I was told they don’t know who Njuguna is.

I started sensing that something is not right, I decided to call my workmate to ask him about the whereabouts of the man only for him to shock me that he had picked the catalog from a supermarket reception, he doesn’t know the man.

I tried to call the Njuguna’s number every day but there is no single day it went through. I decided to report to the police but when I explained to them, I saw they were not in a hurry to help me, they were asking for Ksh10,000 to start the process. I thought it was a waste because I knew someone whose items had been stolen before and the police didn’t help her.

What saved me was my neighbor who had Dr Mugwenu’s number. While I was explaining to him, he narrated to me how his shop was swept by thieves but he later caught them.He gave me these contacts;

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]


That evening I called the number +254740637248 asking how he would help me.Dr Mugwenu picked and gave me an appointment on Sunday.Since I was bitter ,someone has conned me,I didn’t mind even forfeiting my work to pursue him.

I met Mugwenu in town and we proceeded to his place of work. He asked for all the details of the man and gave me some concoction to spray outside Vision Plaza, which I did immediately I arrived there. The doctor told me to wait for one week and see whether something will happen.

The following Sunday everything was okay,I had even given up on the money.a strange number called me, when I picked, it was Njuguna.The man was crying,remorseful. He explained that for 4 days he has not gone to the toilet,the stomach keeps expanding,he suspects I am the cause.I told him clearly,pay my money I set you free.Within two days my money was in the account.Thanks to Mugwenu.