Cheapest Women to Date in Kenya


If you are broke but intend to have a good life with a girl, there are cheap Kenyan girls you should date. There are also other girls who will drain your pocket and leave you ailing, avoid them as a plague. For instance, Luo and Kikuyu women would want to have good life, almost all the time, which means that when you are broke, they will look for someone who would spoil them.

For those actively looking for someone cheap to date and eventually marry,here is where to get one.

  1. Kalenjin

Kalenjin are the cheapest women to date in Kenya, you only need Mursik, tea and few coins in your pocket to manage her.Also,make sure you have plenty of Kalenjin songs in your phone so that when you are away drinking with your buddies, she will be entertaining herself.

  1. Kisii

Another group is women from kisii. This one need to be taken to Uhuru Park to take photos with you, go and buy her chips, soda and plenty of Mandazi.In a month, you won’t spend more than Ksh2,000 on her and in return you’ll get everything you want.

The only thing you must have in plenty is food…also make sure you talk a lot because Kisii women don’t like being quiet.

  1. Maasai

Keep a Maasai woman busy with milk, ensure she boards a vehicle to town and back, she will be happy forever. It’s hard to find a Maasai lady demanding to be taken to Hilton for dinner, all she wants is her milk and children.

  1. Kamba

Kamba look sophisticated from the outlook but when you interact with them, you realize that they are cheap in everything. When you meet a Kamba lady, you expect her to demand to be taken to Sarova Hotel only for her to propose Teatot Machakos.

Even if your monthly salary is Ksh 20,000, you can comfortably manage a Kamba lady

  1. Luhya

Luhyas love functions like wedding, visiting relatives and football matches, they also like food in quantities. Make sure in your house there is a lot of food, DSTV and plenty of functions for her.A Luhya woman is cheap especially if you promise that you’ll marry her and give her many children.

We have deliberately ignored small tribes because majority of them are only visible in their neighbourhoods.