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How to Put your Car in Uber Kenya


Putting your car in Uber Kenya is an advantage to you because it saves you from the hustle of running the business. How to put your car in this company is the issue for many car owners in Kenya.

You see, instead of having an idle car in your yard, you can take it to Uber and have it utilized as you make upwards of Ksh60,000 per month.

Before you put your car in Uber, there are basic requirements that are needed by the company as listed below;

Which car is right for you? Make sure it meets the vehicle requirements in Kenya, and remember that you’ll make more money if you keep your costs low.


Your vehicle

  • Model year 2006 or newer
  • 4-door car
  • Selected 2-door cars

Your paperwork

  • Motor vehicle registration book
  • PSV Insurance
  • Vehicle inspection report
  • Business Permit
  • Partner National ID


uberX is the premium ride choice in the city. Only spacious sedans and station wagons with an engine capacity above 1,300cc will be eligible for uberX trips. Note that UberSelect is no longer available.

Most popular uberX vehicles: Toyota Belta, Toyota Ractis, Toyota Corolla.

Additional Requirements

  • 4-door sedan in good condition
  • Seat at least 4 passengers in addition to the driver
  • Working windows and air conditioning
  • No full-sized vans or trucks vehicles
  • No salvaged or rebuilt vehicles
  • Selected cars models year 2006 or newer qualify to drive with uberX

Note: in Mombasa, at this time, Uber will only be onboarding new drivers for uberPOA (TukTuk).


uberChapChap is the everyday compact ride. Small hatchbacks with an engine capacity of 1,300cc or less are only eligible for uberChapChap trips.

Most popular uberChapChap vehicles: Suzuki Alto, Toyota Vitz or Mazda Demio.

Additional Requirements

  • Car in good condition
  • 8 years maximum age limit

The category of Uber you join depends on the type of a car you have. After meeting all the requirements above, then contact Uber for business. The numbers to contact are as follows;


You can contact the Security unit on: +254733700500

Uber ChapChap support, please contact: +254733641146


You can contact the Security unit on: +254 733 636 80 or +254 733 700 501

You will then be told to visit Uber offices.Uber has two main offices, one in Mombasa and another one in Nairobi. The Mombasa office is situated at ockwall Plaza, Links Road, Nyali, Mombasa while the Nairobi one is located at The RiverFront, Prof David Wasawo Drive.

The management will allow your vehicle to join Uber after you have signed an agreement, including paying the monthly membership fee. The vehicle will then be installed with Uber software and also assigned a route.