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Wasili Taxi Nakuru Charges


Wasili is one of the cheapest taxis in Nakuru.The charges depend on the customer’s destination. Below we have estimated the cost of transport from Nakuru CBD to each of the estates in Nakuru.

  1. Mercy Njeri—Ksh 200
  2. Canaan—Ksh200
  3. Olive In –Ksh150
  4. Milimani—Ksh100
  5. Pipeline—Ksh200
  6. Rongai—Ksh 300
  7. Ngata—Ksh150
  8. Section 58—Ksh100
  9. London—Ksh150
  10. Kaptembwa—Ksh200
  11. Njoro—Ksh350
  12. Mzee Wa Nyama—Ksh200
  13. Kabarak—Ksh350
  14. Kiamunyi—Ksh250

Since Nakuru traffic is not as chaotic as in Nairobi, the cab takes little time to maneuver within the town. It takes between 5 minutes to 20 minutes to reach your destination from CBD.

When you arrive in Nakuru,the first thing to do is download Wasili App then search for available vehicle near you, there are numerous Wasili cabs within the town.