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What You Need to Know about Betlion Ksh350 Million Goliath Jackpot


In the absence of Sportpesa, Betlion Goliath jackpot emerged as the biggest jackpot in Kenya with a total of Ksh 350 million cash prize. Though the jackpot has been in Kenya for one year, there are several things most people don’t know about this particular jackpot.

  1. How many people have won Betlion jackpot before

Ever since Betlion was incorporated in Kenya, there is no single person who has ever won this jackpot, the highest number of games ever predicted were 18/20.Since there are 20 games in total, getting all of them correct is next to impossibility.

Subscribers of Betlion have come up with a suggestion that the games should be reduced to 17 to make it easier for one of them to win. They have also requested the company to review its bonuses.

  1. How to Get Predictions for Betlion jackpot

Another important thing for punters is how to get Betlion jackpot predictions. The tips are only provided by Venas News, Fixusjobs and Jackpot Kenya. Subscribers pay Ksh2,000 per month or Ksh 1,100 for the jackpot tips and daily predictions. There are also those who prefer to pay Ksh 550 for one week predictions. The three companies use the official till number 705909

The amount above cater for daily multibets, Betlion midweek and Goliath jackpots. To make the payment, follow these steps:

  • Go to MPESA
  • Select Lipa Na MPESA
  • Select Buy Goods and Services
  • Enter MPESA till number (705909)
  • Enter amount (Ksh2,000, Ksh1,100,Ksh550)
  • Enter MPESA pin and send

We send 4 well analyzed versions of the jackpot to each subscriber via SMS.Goliath jackpot of 20 games is sent on Friday and Saturday.

  1. Betlion Goliath jackpot bonuses

The bonuses for Betlion Goliath jackpot start from 17 correct predictions. If you get 16 games, you only receive a free bet from the company.

Below is the structure of bonuses:

16 games—Free bets

17 games—Ksh 500,000

18 games—Ksh 1 million

19 games—Ksh 5 million

20 games—Ksh 350 million

  1. How to play Goliath jackpot via SMS

You have the option of betting for Betlion jackpot online or via SMS.Top pay via SMS,follow these steps;

Write MJP#predictions then send to 40418

This is how to structure your SMS: (MJP#X111X222222211111111). After writing the message, send to 40418

  1. How to Deposit Money to Betlion MPESA account

Betlion Paybill number is 212927.This is the paybill number to use in depositing money into MPES.The process of depositing is as follows:

  • Go to MPESA
  • Select Lipa Na MPESA
  • Click Paybill
  • Enter 212927 as the paybill number
  • Enter your registered betlion number as your account number(you can leave it empty as well and move to the next step)
  • Enter the amount you wish to send to Betlion
  • Enter your Betlion Pin and send
  • You will receive a confirmation from MPESA and Betlion that the amount has been credited to your account
  1. Probability of winning Betlion jackpot

Since the jackpot has never been won for the last 12 months, the probability of winning remains zero.However,there are 50% chances of winning the bonus.

  1. Minimum and Maximum amount to deposit to Betlion account

There is no minimum amount to deposit to Betlion account but the maximum is Ksh 70,000 per transaction. You can deposit Ksh70,000 twice a day.

  1. Does Betlion tax winnings?

Betlion is one of the first betting companies to introduce tax on winnings in Kenya.Any amount you win is subjected to 20% tax. Assuming you win Ksh1 million, you will be forced to part with Ksh200,000, hence taking home Ksh800,000. The sad thing is that even the capital is taxed.

  1. How to Withdraw money from Betlion via SMS

You have two options of withdrawing money from Betlion,one is through the company’s online website and the second one is through SMS.To withdraw via SMS,follow these steps:

Send the message “WD#amount#pin to 40418

The pin above is the password you use to login to Betlion.

Example WD#1000#2221X then send to 40418

  1. Maximum amount of money to withdraw from Betlion

The maximum amount you are allowed to withdraw from Betlion is Ksh70,000 per day.If you want to withdraw more, visit Betlion offices and request for a cheque.

  1. How to reset Betlion pin

To reset the Betlion pin, send the word RESET to 40418.A new pin will be sent to you via SMS.

  1. If I Win more than Ksh 1 million,How will I get money from Betlion

If you win more than Ksh1 million, Betlion will contact you to visit their office to receive a cheque. However, you can choose to receive the amount in your Betlion account so as to withdraw daily until the amount is exhausted.

  1. Which is better between Betlion, Betika and Shabiki

Betlion, Betika and Shabiki are the three betting companies which are competing against themselves. Many gamblers don’t know which one is better among the three. Based on my past experience, I believe Shabiki is better.One positive thing about Shabiki is that they don’t have any negative review, meaning that they do honest business. The company also has the best bonus structures.

  1. Betlion Goliath stake amount

For you to bet for Betlion jackpot, you need a stake of Ksh100.Betlion allows its players to play as many times as possible up to 300 times. For you to play,make sure you deposit more than Ksh 100 to Betlion account.

  1. Betlion Browsing without internet

Betlion introduced a new feature where everyone will access the website without internet. The company partnered with internet providers in Kenya to make this one possible. But to be able to browse for free, ensure that your data bundles are zero.

  1. How to register with Betlion

There are two ways you can register with Betlion, visit Betlion website and register or send the word Join to 40418

Please note that when you register through a text message, your Safaricom account is credited but it’s free to register online.

  1. Does Betlion offer cash out

Betlion offers cash out especially when one gets all games except the last one which is yet to be played.But the cash out is only applicable for single bets and multibets.The company is yet to introduce a cash out for jackpots.