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List of Diseases Which Can Be Treated by Traditional Herbalists in Kenya


There are diseases which can be treated by traditional herbalists while others are beyond their abilities. Traditional herbalists are especially important when a patient is unable to get treated in hospitals.

Many people are ignorant of the fact that traditional herbalists perform the same role as the one performed by doctors in hospital. I also get amazed when someone doesn’t know that most of the drugs in hospital were manufactured from herbal leaves and roots.

Traditional herbalists perform a crucial role in Kenya it’s only that most people realize that when they are faced with a challenge that need their solution.

Some of the popular diseases treated by traditional herbalists include: diabetes, infertility, skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. The full list is shown below:

  1. Skin diseases
  2. Allergy
  3. Diabetes
  4. Cancer
  5. Hypertension
  6. Tuberculosis
  7. Gonorrhea
  8. Syphilis
  9. Hepatitis
  10. Goiter
  11. Measles
  12. Malaria
  13. Infertility/impotency
  14. Asthma

A disease like cancer may be difficult to heal in hospital but there are numerous patient who get treated when they visit a traditional herbalist, all one need is faith and consistency in taking the drugs.

In major hospitals, you can spend up to Ksh20 million when you are suffering from cancer, only for you to die after exhausting your money. If you notice that you have a terminal condition, it’s better to try a traditional herbalist.

In Kenya, it’s Dr Mugwenu is the most trusted traditional herbalist. He treats more than 20 diseases. In addition, Dr Mugwenu helps Kenyans recover their stolen cars, money conned by people and also help in catching cheating spouses.

Last year, one client’s car was stolen in Nairobi. The client approached Mugwenu for help. What shocked them is that the car was found in Tanzania through the help of the herbalist.

To contact Mugwenu,call or email the following details:

Phone Number: +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]

Website  www.mugwenudoctors.com.

It’s good to try more than one solution when you are in dire need of help especially with a serious disease like diabetes or hypertension.