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Shock as Man Got Stuck inside His Inlaw’s Thighs in Kisii for Six Good Hours


There was drama in Kisii near Jogoo when a man got stuck inside his in-law’s thighs for 6 hours.

Joyce, who is working as a teacher in Kisii suspected that her husband has been going out though she had not caught her. It did not ring in her mind that kikulacho ki nguoni mwako. Since last December, her husband has been weak in bed, he has become stingy and rude. Joyce has all along been wondering why the sudden change in character.

Last Friday she said enough is enough and contacted a specialist to tie her husband and the woman who is giving him warmth. The specialist did what he did and told Joyce to wait for the result.

On Sunday while she was coming from church, Joyce saw a crowd outside her house, she thought there was an accident. Moving near, she couldn’t believe her eyes, it was her husband in a blanket together with her sister.

“Mimi sikuamini dada yangu anaezanifanyi hivyo,niliona wakigaragara chini huku bwanangu amefunika kichwa na aibu”.

The crowd gathered wanting to know the science behind the locking. It was confirmed that the man was stuck inside the inlaw after trying to sleep with her.Earlier,he had faked headache to avoid going to church only to be found in that situation.

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