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Most Expensive International Schools in Kenya


Which are the most expensive international schools in Kenya?

International Schools are generally known to be expensive,but there are a few which are more expensive than others where a student pays in excess of Ksh 2 million per year for basic studies.

Kenya has over 30 international schools, most of them training on British curriculum,GCSE. To join these schools is an uphill task since most of them charge annual school fees in excess of Sh 1 million. Though some of them are relatively cheap, the most expensive ones are out of reach for majority of  poor and average Kenyans.

International School of Kenya (ISK) tops the list of the most expensive schools in the country.In this schools, a 4-year-old child, who is in Pre-Kindergarten pays Sh 1.4 million per year, which translates to approximately Ksh 110,000 per month. This implies that anyone earning below Ksh 300,000 cannot afford to pay the school fees. Now tell me, the average salary of Kenyans is Sh 40, 000, who will afford to take a kid at International Schools of Kenya!

Another school that makes me shed tears for poor Kenyans is St Andrew’s Turi.This school charges up to Sh 2.7 million per year, which is clearly too expensive for most Kenyans.

If you want to know more, look at the list below.

  1. International School of Kenya (ISK)

Pre-Kindergarten KSh 1.4 million per year

Kindergarten: KSh 2.15 million per year.

Grades 1-5: KSh 2.27 million per year

Grades 6-8: KSh 2.44 million per year

Grades 9-10: KSh 2.5 million per year

Grades 11-12: KSh 2.6 million per  year

  1. St Andrew’s Turi

Reception (Day only): KSh 804,000 per year

Years 1 to 4: KSh 1.6 million  per year

Years 5- 6: KSh 1.6 million per year

Years 6-7 : KSh 1.9 million per year

Year 9: KSh 1.97 million per year

Year 10-11 : KSh 2.14 million per year

Year 12-13: KSh 2.32 million per year

  1. Greensteds Schools

Year 1-2: KSh 919,500 per year

Year 3: KSh  1.19 million per year

Year 4-6: KSh  1.19 million per year

Year 7-8: KSh  1.47 million per year

Year 9- 11:KSh 1.84 million per year

Year 12-13: KSh 1.89 million per year

  1. HillCrest Schools

Year 1: KSh 652,823 per year

Year 2:KSh 1.03 million per year

Year 3- 4:KSh 1.23 million per year

Year 5-6:KSh 1.24 million per year

Year 7-11:KSh 1.29 million per year

Year 12-13:KSh 1.42 million per year

  1. Peponi School

Nursery 1: KSh 570,000 per year

Nursery 2: KSh  630,000 per year

Reception: KSh  720,000 per year

Year 1: KSh 885,000 per year

Year 2: KSh 1.38 million per year

Years 3 – 8:KSh 1.55 million per year

6.Pembroke House

Nursery : KSh 216, 000 per year

Reception: KSh 390,000 per year

Year 1: KSh 615,000 per year

Year 2: KSh 1.43 million per year

Year 3-8: KSh 1.79 million per year

Other schools include:

Gems Cambridge International School

Tuition per term: KSH 718,480 (&7,885)
Location: Nairobi

Brookhouse School

Tuition per term: KSH 830,000 ($9,110)