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Highest paid journalists in Kenya



Journalism is one of the most rewarding careers in Kenya with highest paid journalists pulling in upwards of Ksh 2 million every month. As of 2019 the highest paid media personality in Kenya was Jeff Koinange who works for Royal Media Services. Jeff had worked for CNN before returning to Kenya as a senior media personality. He first worked for K24 before moving to KTN and finally Citizen TV where he doubles as Citizen TV news anchor and morning show host at Hot 96.

The highest paid media company is Royal Media Services which has most of the best journalists in Kenya. The average pay for journalists at RMS is in the neighbourhood of Ksh 150,000. Nation Media group comes second, followed by Radio Africa.Royal Media Services was ranked among top 10 best companies to work for by BrighterMonday.

The best paid journalists are those who command massive online and offline following, such as Betty Kyalo, Victoria Rubadili, Maina Kageni and Anne Kiguta.Those in management also earn handsome pay because they have added responsibilities.

One things most people aren’t aware of is that besides the salaries which are in public domain, there are other benefits which journalist enjoy. Some of them receive bribes to kill or promote stories, others are given commissions when they sell products. One of the individuals who receive commissions is Maina Kageni, he is firmly in the real estate sector and the man has benefitted immensely.

As at 2019, here is the list of highest paid journalists in Kenya:

  1. Jeff Koinange—Ksh 2 million
  2. Victoria Rubadili—Ksh 650,000
  3. Maina Kageni—800,000
  4. Betty Kyalo—Ksh800,000
  5. Yvonne Okwara –Ksh 600,000
  6. Linus Kaikai—Ksh 1.2 million
  7. Joe Ageyo—Ksh1.1 million
  8. Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill—Ksh 500,000
  9. Mbusi Ksh 650,000-Ksh 700,000
  10. Caroline Mutoko Ksh 800,000-Ksh1 million
  11. Salim Swaleh Ksh350,000-Ksh500,000
  12. Anne Kiguta—Ksh800,000
  13. Eric Njoka—Ksh400,000
  14. Hussein Mohammed—Ksh700,000
  15. Lulu Hassan—Ksh 350,000
  16. Rashid Abdalla—Ksh 500,000
  17. Lilian Muli—Ksh450,000
  18. Willis Raburu—Ksh500,000

There are also several other journalists whose salary is in the range of Ksh200,000 to Ksh 400,000. The bitter truth is that for one to cross the Ksh300,000 mark as a news anchor or journalist, they must be able to attract income in form of adverts. The best example is Maina Kageni who is the engine of Radio Africa. If Maina Kageni resigns from Classic FM,the company’s income will drastically fall,thus the reason he is well renumerated.

Jeff Koinange is a brand, he has a rich network. The journalist studied with President Uhuru Kenyatta and he is among few journalists who can call the president anytime of the day.