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Luo Ladies Complain that their men are Ignoring them To Marry Other Tribes After Jalango Married a Taita Lady


There was a huge debate on social media that Luo men are shunning their women for other tribes. Lots of comments came from Luo women who complain that when a Luo man gets money, he gives them a cold shoulder ending up marrying a Kikuyu or a woman from other tribes.

The debate came after Jalango married Amina Chao,a Taita woman who works for Safaricom.The women listed a number of luos who are either married to Kikuyu or from other tribes. One lady by the name Belinda gave this list:

List of Luo prominent men married from other tribes:

  1. James Orengo
  2. Willis Raburu
  3. Felix Odiwuor aka Jalango
  4. Daddy Owen
  5. Jackton Ojwang
  6. Miguna Miguna
  7. Raila Odinga Junior

While Luo women complain, the men justified their actions by saying Luo women have set unrealistic standards, their demands are endless.

“You know, you Luo ladies play so hard to get. Even if a man has money, when he approaches you, it takes years for one to accept. Nowadays men are impatient, they can’t wait for months when options are many”, Onyango, one of the Kenyan men who married a Kikuyu last year explained.

Another Luo man added that Luo women are party animals, they are also nagging. He explains that for Kikuyus, all they need is land, a good house, children, good schools for their children and some business to keep them busy. These women will give you peace forever.

What came out is that Luo women are now left with bodaboda operators, primary school teachers and errand boys while their successful men have crossed over to other tribes. Luo men warn that unless Luo women stop nagging and playing too hard to get, they will continue eating left overs.