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List of Best Paying Private Schools in Kenya


The best paying private schools in Kenya are mostly those that charge the highest fees. In addition, nearly these schools offer British curriculum and are located in leafy suburbs of Nairobi.

The fees charged by these schools is as high as Ksh2 million per year due to the sophisticated curriculum they offer, delicious meals they provide and the serene environment the students are exposed to. Logically, when students fork over Ksh2 million, teachers must be compensated handsomely. It’s not uncommon to find some teachers in these schools earning in excess of Ksh400,000 per month.

Whereas in public schools a teacher earns over Ksh 50,000 after acquiring over 5 years of experience, in private school even inexperienced teacher earns above Ksh100,000 as long as they work for the best schools.

The monthly average pay in public schools in Kenya is Ksh40,000 while in private schools, it’s above Ksh50,000. Though private schools are littered all over the country, majority of the best are located in Nairobi.

We list the average pay of the highest paying private schools in Kenya:

Brookhouse School, Nairobi 170,000
Braeburn High School, Nairobi 150,000
Hillcrest School, Nairobi 180,000
International School of Kenya, Nairobi 150,000
Nairobi Academy, Nairobi 130,000
Rosslyn Academy, International school, Nairobi 140,000
   Andrews School, Turi, boarding school 160,000
GEMS Cambridge International School 130,000
Banda School 140,000
Brookhurst International School 120,000
Rusinga School 100,000

When you are employed by these international schools, there is no need of seeking opportunities in public schools, the salary is enough. What is quoted above is the average pay of teachers in the international schools. If you get a chance for an interview in any of the schools, don’t quote less than Ksh100,000 per month even if you have zero teaching experience.

The turnover rate of teachers in private schools especially the highest paying is low, so getting a chance to work there is as hard as earning over Ksh100,000 as a government teacher. The best thing to do is study unique foreign languages like Chinese, Germany, Italian,Spanish and French coupled by extracurricular activities like PE ,first aid and swimming. You must be armed with credible certificates for these courses. Importantly, the certificates must be from international training institutions.