Julie Gichuru Explains How She Became Homeless when Her Parents Divorced


Former Citizen TV News Anchor Julie Gichuru has confirmed that her parents divorced, rendering her jobless, broke and homeless. The beauty, who later got married to Anthony Gichuru, narrated on Facebook that were it not for God’s intervention,he life could me extremely miserable.After suffering for months,she secured two jobs and was able to complete her LLB degree at the University of Cadiff.

“1995 – 21 years old. 2nd year of LLB Law, in University in Cardiff Wales, UWCC.

Julie Gichuru

I was in the throes of deep depression. My parents divorced, Dad remarried and Mum emigrated. I had no home to go back to. I didn’t have enough money to complete my degree. I was frightened and anxious. I lamented with God, I told Him I was so angry with Him, but I still loved Him and I asked Him to hold me tight and never let me go. I found two jobs at this point and studied hard. I didn’t know where I would end up but I knew knowledge would get me there. As long as I had breath in my body, I was going to get there”, she said on a viral Facebook post.

Julie Gichuru is one of the richest journalists in Kenya. She resigned from Royal Media Services a couple of years ago to start Mchezo,a popular betting site in Kenya.