“Wakamba Wakiomba Hupeana roho safi”,Raila


Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has praised Kamba women for being generous. The opposition leader was speaking in Kibra during campaigns to drum up support for ODM Candidate Imran Okoth.

“Wakamba ni watu wazuri,ni waaminife,wao ukiwaomba watakupea roho safi”,Raila said while addressing a cheering crowd.

Raila literary meant that other tribes are mean with their things but when it comes to the Kamba community, they give without conditions.

However, Wavinya Ndeti has protested Raila’s speech urging the ODM leader to stop demeaning the Kamba community. Wavinya,in a statement, said Kamba women have principles and what Raila said did not augur well for the community.

Raila is yet to explain what he meant by saying Kamba women are generous.