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Where to advertise mitumba business online in Kenya


You can advertise mitumba business online at Venas News,that’s if you are selling mitumba products in Kenya.

If you are selling mitumba bales in Nairobi or its environs, ensure you provide your phone contacts. Venas News receives over 10 calls daily from Kenyans who are interested in buying Mitumba bales but we are unable to refer them because we don’t have contacts of traders. It will be to your advantage if your contact is listed here so as to receive the requests.

There is an article we wrote about Mitumba bales in Nairobi and it’s the one attracting thousands of readers daily. If your number is listed here, be sure of getting clients every week. One client might bring up to Ksh 50,000 in profits because these are people who want to buy mitumba clothes.

The procedure of advertising here:

Call 0722927138

We will take your number and list it among mitumba sellers in Nairobi. But you will be required to pay a small fee for the advert. After we list your number, your work will be to receive calls from clients.

Besides listing your number, we will also write a brief description of your business, location and types of clothes you sell.

If you are unable to reach us on phone, write us an email to [email protected]