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How to Win Betika Jackpot of 17 Games


Betika mega jackpot has a total of 17 games and a prize of Ksh 100 million. Ever since the jackpot started, very few people have managed to win a bonus. There are several techniques you should employ as a player to win the jackpot, one of them being forming a discussion group.in this article, we shall outline various tricks you should use if you seriously aspire to be a winner.

Last year there’s someone who really inspired me. It’s one of my readers who stumbled upon an article we had posted on how to win Sportpesa jackpot, he carefully followed the advice and within a month, he was a proud winner of Ksh 3 million.

In gambling, the only thing that will bring joy is big winnings, anything else is hot air. To achieve that, the following tricks should be employed:

  1. Place more than one bet

A single bet costs Ksh 49 but it’s not enough to guarantee a win. Though you can win with just one bet, it’s recommended that you bet more than once. If possible, bet 10 times every week.

Many of the winners I know bet as many times as possible, they know that the secret of winning is not to try once but as many times as possible. Of course you will lose once, twice but you won’t lose forever.

  1. Identify sure games

The jackpot has 17 games, if you can manage to identify at least 8 sure games, then winning won’t be a miracle. After you have identified the sure games, you should leave them as constants when you are placing the several bets. In case the 8-12 sure games happen to win, you’ll be shocked by the number of correct games you’ll get when the results are out.

  1. Subscribe for sure betting tips from a reliable site

Most people you see selling odds are scammers, they will come up with photo shopped screenshots to show their winnings but after you have paid them, they disappear with your money. Finding a reliable predictions site is hard but we have sites like Venas News which have been providing sure tips to gamblers. We offer predictions for Betika daily tips and jackpot predictions. To join this category, subscribers pay Ksh1,010 per month or Ksh505 for two weeks.

Every subscriber receives 5 versions of uniquely analyzed jackpot. From the 5 versions, one or two can reach the bonus level.

How to subscribe for Betika betting tips:

  • Go to MPESA
  • Select Lipa Na MPESA
  • Select Buy Goods and Services
  • Enter MPESA till number (705909)
  • Enter amount (Ksh1,010, Ksh505)
  • Enter MPESA pin and send

We will be sending the predictions via SMS.

  1. Form discussion groups

If you have a couple of friends whom you share interests with, form a group so as to discuss betting events. You might find that someone has an idea which you were not familiar with. The best strategy to make is to inform each of them to come up with a few games they are sure of, then combine all the games to form a bet.

  1. Know the best time to bet

Don’t bet any time because odds change. When the jackpot is posted, you should write down the odds for each team, keep on monitoring the odd until the last day. The games which experience massive changes in odds are the most difficult to predict, mostly these games end up in draw.

The best time to bet is the day the first game is played, the material day when the jackpot is being closed. If you decide to bet the day the jackpot is posted, you might regret.

  1. Follow odds

Out of the 17 games, at least 8 games with small odds will win. The only challenge is to identify which small odds will win. Identify all away teams with higher odds than home teams, at least a couple of them will win but be assured that most of them will draw. If the home team has 3 odds and away team 2 odds, there are high chances there will be a draw in that match. If you had planned to bet five times, make sure there two of the 5 versions have draws as a possible result for the 3 home team odds and 2 away odds.

Always bet for teams with low odds unless you doubt a team.

  1. Bet consistently

You know Satan is alive and freely roaming. When you are betting, ensure that you don’t skip any weekend. In most times, the day you skip is the day your lucky was ripe. If you are not consistent, it’s hard to win.

8.Double chances

If you have enough money,use double chances where you are sure of 100% accuracy. Betika allows up to 7 double chances.In case you get all the 7 double chances correct,you’ll need only 5 more games to win a bonus.But never overuse double chances because they are very expensive.Sometimes it’s better to bet several times without double chances than betting once with 7 double chances.