Betika on the Receiving End After Paying Peanuts in Bonuses to Winners: Kenyans Regret Why Sportpesa was Closed


More than 10,000 Kenyans won Betika jackpot bonus after predicting over 12 games correct, instead of Betika giving them reasonable bonuses, they settled for less than what punters had anticipated. Kenyans took to Facebook to lament and accuse the company of not being sincere.

According to Betika, these are the bonuses paid to winners:

16/17: 745,925
15/17: 25,782
14/17: 6,750
13/17: 1,494
12/17: 312

There are Kenyans who used 7 double chances and spent over Ksh 5,000 only to win Ksh312, others placed more than 10 bets and earned a meagre Ksh1,494. Some of the comments posted on Betika Facebook page show a frustrated lot. Here is a sample of some of the comments:

Junior Mùrigoh Pius Wazee achaneni n jackpot,,,itawamaliza with this bonus!!!

Bet on the normal bets and for the jackpot,try another site,mimi nimechoka kuona hii

Kibs Dannikibs I miss you Sportspesa

Gibs Adams Learus Betika now proving itself to be a scrap. No transparency in this site. We demand the number of winners in each category and bonuses should be provided before the start of any jackpot. Where is this government to intervene. No transparency here and this guys are thieves in broad. daylight.

James Wekesa i used 784 for 4 double chance I got 12/17 that will earn me 312 which will be taxed. how do you account for that ,did I win or lose

Kireri Douglas Betika nyinyi n wezi, why cant you be transparent kama sportpesa, we used to be told how many had a given number of correct scores.

Moses Kiriinya This is theft n corruption of high calibre,engaging media right now to expose this rot,heri mfungwe …There should b no betting in Kenya…

Peter Lidoro All betika officials involved in this scam must die of cancer.They will spend every single penny they have robbed from our sons and daughters in the name of betting.I spell doom for this company in Jesus name.

Larry Hoover Useless gambling company ever,I won 876k by getting 15/17 last week on bet254

Kenneth Omondi When is Sportpesa going to come back!! this idiots are enjoying us,what kind bonuses are they paying! shame on you!

Oreko Joseph Nerikos I just deleted my account of betika because this is a useless betting site wamekaa hawana doo yet we are paying tax…how can a betting company like bet254 wenye ata hawana app wanawashinda na bonuses za jackpot are really annoying…just wait in tomorrow newspapers u will see how we feel bad about u…do you know sportpesa is coming back…i think you should know…

Peter Mugo You are making alot of money from the jackpot why all the selfishness

King Kaka Betika hamna pesa rudisha jackpot ikue 30milion this is stupidity ndo muweze kugawana pesa zenye the way shabiki did coz hakuwa na pesa

Out of those comments, none is positive. It’s not that we excluded the positive ones,99% of them are negative

But for those who know how the industry works, Betika is not to blame. The problem is that there were many winners. In fact, the one with 16/17 correct predictions spoiled everything. Last weekend 100,000 Kenyans placed their bets, which means that the amount collected was roughly Ksh 5 million-10 million. Betika is required to pay a fraction of this amount, which is Ksh 5 million. This means that the amount remaining for the payouts was Ksh 5 million. The ones with 16/17 and 15/17 correct predictions took home Ksh1.5 million, the remaining amount was shared between other winners who were over 10,000.

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