Can I Get a Loan from More than one Mobile Loan Company in Kenya


If you are seeking Fuliza loan and you haven’t paid your previous loan from another mobile loan company, you have to clear the loan first. It’s impossible to get a loan from one mobile loan company when you did not pay the previous one from a different company.

What mobile loan companies do is that they send your details to CRB when they realize that you won’t pay anyway. When you seek another loan from another mobile loan company, they will first check whether you are listed with CRB before they loan you the money. If your name is in CRB, they won’t loan you.

The best way to get a loan from two mobile loan companies is to ensure that one of them does not list you with CRB.Use this strategy: Get a loan from one company and while you are repaying, seek another loan from another company. You can get loan from even all mobile loan companies as long as you are not listed with CRB.

In case you are listed with CRB,the best thing to do is to remove your name from the list.Alternatively,get a friend or Shylock to loan you. Shylocks normally don’t seek information from CRB.