Types of Kenyan Women Who are Likely To Divorce You and Take You to Court for Child Support


There are toxic women in Kenya who will divorce you without a second thought and take you to court for child support. Divorce is painful and depressing, if possible avoid it. However, there are women who find joy to divorce their husbands. I you marry these kind of women, they are likely to take you to court anytime in marriage.

  1. A woman whose parents also divorced

A bird always follows the trail of its parent. If you marry a woman whose parents separated or divorced, you are also likely to face the same when the right time comes. The genes for divorce are passed from the parent to the daughter.

  1. A lawyer

Lawyers always understand the law and they know the benefits of divorce and child support. When you marry a lawyer, be prepared to divorce anytime.

Nearly half of lawyers in Kenya are divorced and they are benefitting from the proceeds of child support.

  1. Politicians

Majority of female politicians don’t have time for their husbands. Some of them cheat openly and when questioned, they resort to divorce.

If you realize that your woman is so much into politics, that person will one day leave you,ama mvumiliane tu.

  1. Highly educated and successful women, PhD holders

If you aren’t successful and more educated than your wife, get ready for a chock. Highly successful women have a certain ego that will not allow them to live with their average husbands, they rather divorce than to live with a failure. PhD holders and professors also rank among women who can divorce you anytime.

  1. Media women

Media women include journalists and News Anchors. These are the kind of women who easily move with the high and mighty in society. If they realize that their men aren’t successful as the other men, they will quit the marriage. There are several such cases in Kenya.

When you marry a News Anchor, be prepared for a heart break.

  1. Mpango wa Kando

Mpango wa kando is only interested in your money,nothing else.If you give her a child and run away,she will definitely move to court for child support.One golden rule, don’t sire a child with a Mpango wa Kando if you need peace.


Women activists,especially those in FIDA and gender based violence institutions are worse when it comes to keeping marriages.If by bad luck you marry a woman who is an activist,get ready for a divorce anytime.