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Best National Schools in Kenya for Students who scored over 400 marks in KCPE


Best national schools in Kenya are those in Cluster 3. These are the best national schools for students who scored more than 400 marks in KCPE.National schools are classified into clusters where Cluster 1 comprises of national schools that were promoted recently and are less appealing as compared to Cluster 3 national schools

If your student scored more than 400 marks in KCPE, you should choose for them a national school in Cluster 3 because those are the most competitive national schools.

Based on the performance of national schools in Kenya, below is a list of best National Schools in the country:

  1. Utumishi
  2. Starehe Girls
  3. Starehe Boys Centre
  4. Nakuru Girls
  5. Nakuru Boys
  6. Nairobi School
  7. Moi Girls High
  8. Moi Forces Lanet
  9. Moi Forces Academy
  10. Maseno School
  11. Maryhills Girls Sec
  12. Mangu High Sch
  13. Loreto Limuru
  14. Limuru Girls
  15. Lenana School
  16. Kenya High
  17. Alliance High
  18. Alliance Girls

I your student scored less than 400 marks but you want them to join a good national school, Cluster 3 national schools may reject them but there is a consolation in Cluster 2 national schools. Here are the best national schools for students who scored less than 400 marks in KCPE:

List of National Schools in Kenya : Cluster 2

  1. Wajir Girls Secondary School
  2. Wajir Boys High School
  3. Turkana Girls Secondary School
  4. Tenwek Boys Secondary School
  5. Joseph Chepterit Girls Secondary
  6. Sironga Girls Secondary School
  7. Sa Kolanya Girls Secondary School
  8. Oolaiser Boys Secondary School
  9. Nyandarua High School
  10. Ngao Girls Secondary School
  11. Nanyuki Boys High School
  12. Mpeketoni Boys Secondary School
  13. Moyale Boys Secondary School
  14. Moi Girls Nyabohanse Secondary
  15. Moi Girls Mandera Secondary
  16. Mbooni Girls Secondary School
  17. Mandera Boys Secondary School
  18. Lamu Girls Secondary School
  19. Kisima Girls Secondary School
  20. Kathiani Girls Secondary School
  21. Kabianga Boys Secondary School
  22. Hola Boys Secondary School
  23. Garbatula Boys Secondary
  24. Chewoyet Boys High School
  25. Bahari Girls Secondary School