What You Need To Know About Shabiki Power 13 Jackpot of Ksh20 Million


Shabiki Power 13 jackpot has several things you need to know. Registration, bonuses, amount to bet with, the bonuses and double chances.

Shabiki Power 13 jackpot cash prize

The cash prize is Ksh20 million. Initially, the cash prize was Ksh10 million but the company benched the Power 17 jackpot and increased the amount for Power 13 to Ksh20 million

Jackpot Bonuses start from how many games

The jackpot bonuses start from 10 correct predictions. If you get 10 ,11 and 12 correct predictions, you are awarded with bonuses.

The estimated amount of bonuses is:

10 correct predictions—Ksh 1,000 to Ksh20,000

11 correct predictions—Ksh 10,000 to Ksh100,000

12 correct predictions—Ksh50,000 to Ksh 2 million

13 correct predictions—Ksh 20 million


Shabiki Power 13 can be played in three ways;

  1. On the website

Manually select the outcome of the matches, or try your luck and play the Autobet option. Once you select the Autobet option, a random coupon will be generated, you can submit betslip as it is, or amend your selections before placing your bet.

  1. On SMS

Send an SMS to 29063 with your prediction in the following format;


SMS P13#AUTO to 29063



SMS P13#13 Predictions. E.g. P13#1X2X1X22X11X2 to 29063

  1. MPESA


Mpesa 49/- to Paybill 290063, Account Number P13#AUTO



Mpesa 49/- to Paybill 290063, Account Number P13#13 Predictions. E.g. P13#1X2X1X22X11X2


Shabiki has two customer care numbers, 0703 163 163 or 0709 433 000

If you need help, you can call any of the two numbers above.

Does Shabiki Power 13 have double chances?

Shabiki Power 13 does not allow double chances,which means each bet costs Ksh49

How do I get predictions for Shabiki Power 13 jackpot

We offer accurate predictions for Shabiki Power 13 jackpot, Shabiki daily jackpot and Shabiki Jackpot Mbao.To get these predictions, pay Ksh 1070 per month or Ksh535 for two weeks.

To make the payment, follow these steps:

  • Go to MPESA
  • Select Lipa Na MPESA
  • Select Buy Goods and Services
  • Enter MPESA till number (705909)
  • Enter amount (Ksh1,070, Ksh535)
  • Enter MPESA pin and send

We send Shabiki jackpot predictions via SMS one day before the jackpot starts.

How long does it take for Shabiki to pay winners?

Normally, Shabiki pays winners a day after all games are played or the same day the last game is played. But all games must be played for the winners to be paid.

If you are not paid within a day after the end of the last match, call the customer care numbers provided here.

The number of times you can play the jackpot

You are allowed to play as many times as possible as long as you don’t exceed 300 times. If you have enough stake, place as many bets as possible.

Shabiki Paybill Number

Shabiki paybill number is 290063

Chances of winning Shabiki Power 13 jackpot

It’s practically hard to win Shabiki Power 13 jackpot unless you use many strategies. Since the jackpot started few months ago, nobody has ever won the Ksh20 million. This means that in a year,the jackpot can be won 1-5 times.