Kenya Police Salary Scales 2019

Police Salary scales in Kenya 2018


Kenya Police are among the lowest paid civil servants in Kenya as of 2019.The salary scales of the police depends on one’s position and rank within the police.The lowest paid police officer in Kenya takes home Ksh 17,190 and they belong to grade PG1 while the highest ranked police officers in Grade PG12 earn Ksh 274,890.

It takes a police officer between 3 and 5 years to move from one scale to another.There is a difference of about Ksh5,000 -Ksh10,000 between two adjacent scales.

Below are the salary scales for the police in Kenya:

F PG1 70,485 17,190 18.760 9
G PG2 13,318 22,410 42,660 9
H PG3 4,576 30,750 45,540 9
I PG4 1,890 33,990 50,220 9
J PG5 6,383 36,300 53,820 9
K PG6 1,295 40,080 59,220 9
L PG7 242 45,540 70,530 9
M PG8 290 48,660 73,020 9
N PG9 627 59,220 85,890 9
P PG10 277 98,040 130,590 3
R PH11 91 143,790 187,890 3
S PG12 11 180,090 274,890 3

However, National Police Service commission has proposed reduction of the pay, which will affect graduate and disabled officer. In the recommendation, any disabled or graduate officer will be subjected to tax in addition to a pay cut. Already, several police officers have reported that their February pay has been affected by the recommendations.

Previously, the disabled police officers earning in the south of Ksh150,000 were excepted from tax.

Following the new recommendations, some affected police officers have issued resignation letters while others have written to the National Police Service to review their recommendations.