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Minimum and maximum stake required for Gambling in Kenya


The minimum stake required in gambling in Kenya is Ksh 1 while the maximum is Ksh 20,000. Most companies discourage gamblers from overindulging by having a stake ceiling, there is also a cap on the maximum number of times a punter can bet but the condition is silent.

One of my friends who is a high staker placed 5 bets of Ksh20,000 for 5 consecutive days, he lost all the bets. On the sixth day, he tried to stake but the system failed to respond. He got a message from the betting firm requiring him to visit their offices. The company wanted him to explain the source of money.

The same case happens to people who bet more than, say 30 times a day. If you bet regularly every day, the betting company will one time lock you out for being addicted to gambling. Alternatively, they will ensure that you don’t bet more than specific times.

In terms of minimum stake, Betika, Odibets and Bet254 allow one to bet with Ksh1 bob, likewise to most betting firms in Kenya. There is no single company that allows one to place a bet of more than Ksh50,000 at once. The limit is placed to ensure that subscribers don’t overindulge.

Gambling is designed in such a way that the more you bet, the more you develop appetite to bet.The addiction even worsens when you lose. There is a false belief that one day you will recover the money. This is one case that forced betting companies to place a cap on the number of times you should bet in a day or the maximum amount of money you can bet with.