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Victor Wanyama Salary at Tottenham


Victor Wanyama ‘s salary at Tottenham is now known. The Tottenham player earns Ksh436 million per year which translates to Ksh 8.3 million per week. This means that in a month, Wanyama earns over Ksh 33 million

The salary above has not been taxed. Each player in the EPL is subjected to corporate tax at 19% and possible VAT plus further tax when the player receives the money from the company either as income or as dividends.

Ideally, Victor Wanyama takes home Ksh20 million every month after all taxes and expenses are deducted. Which means that in a year, the player saves approximately Ksh 240 million. By the time he retires from football, Wanyama would have saved more than Ksh 2 billion.