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Raila May Oppose BBI


It’s emerging that Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is not happy with the version of the BBI report that was handed over to President Kenyatta yesterday. Sources within ODM say that majority of the leaders in the party do not subscribe to the report and have urged Raila to oppose it.

Before the report was out, Raila had urged Ruto and Tanga Tanga members to support it.By that time, he was not aware of its content. It’s believed that Raila wanted a powerful Prime Minister position who is elected by Members of Parliament. He also wanted a referendum. But going by the proposals in the document, members of parliament especially those in Tangatanga, have indicated that all the proposals can be dealt with in Parliament.

Heavy silence from ODM on social media is a clear indication that Raila may oppose the document. We also believe that ODM does not see how they will benefit from the proposals.

There is also excitement from Ruto’s supporters, implying that the document is what they had opted for. Ours is to watch as events unfold.