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Kenyan Youths Have Vowed to Oppose BBI over the Proposal to Scrap Betting


Kenyan youths have vowed to oppose the BBI if the government goes ahead to scrap betting. Youths in social media have expressed disappoint over the proposal, stating that it’s their only source of income.

The BBI claimed that betting has destroyed the lives of youths and recommended for the scrapping of sports betting and the introduction of national lottery which is owned by the government. The youths have wondered how on earth that will solve their problems.

Several youths who took to social media said they will oppose the document and ensure it does not see the light of the day unless the government stops interfering with their livelihood.

Here are comments on Daily Nation Facebook page:

Joe Raffian Hatuna kazi that’s our source of income

Omari Rama Baraka We the poor have been targeted once again. That was the only avenue for our getting to a successful live. Oooh poor us

Kelvin Kahi I dont bet but this sounds irrelevant to a nation that its citizens looses jobs each and every day.useles

Christian Blizzy Baha Thatz a scandal in waiting, a national lottery will jaz benefit relatives of some people, n any money in tha hands of the government is never safe

Lilian Nadongo Siongo Ile kitu hii serikali inataka Ku make sure imekufa kabisa in sports . even in Europe we have these companies

Tum K. Lemax Once betting is scrapped is when you will understand how Kenyans are United ..how can you scrap something that has self-employed graduate youths??? Remove those old men and women in government offices and employ youths first.

Wuod Caro Kod Aguko Ju ya hii story wacha niangushe mapema!!!

Mwaýa Zébédéé These idiots you call honourables the moment you give them these positions they will forget about you and continue creating wealth for the families. Right now the talk is BBI,dear kenyans work for your family and forget about these tumbocrats.Love your neigbours,family and create your own world of happiness you will leave long.

Hon Noah Kering That’s why this thing is going nowhere! 80% of Kenyans bet, so they will crush it down!!!

Dominic Ole Kateiya create jobs for the youths they will stop betting