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James Mworia, Centum CEO’s Shocking Salary


Shocking figures from Centum indicates that James Mworia, the company’s CEO earned a total of Ksh177,558,000 in 2018 which translates to a salary of more than Ksh 15,000 per month.

The pay comprises of bonuses and the gross salary for each month. He earned a bonus of Ksh 132,019,000 and a gross salary of Ksh 42,362,000 for 12 months. After tax, Mworia takes home over Ksh 9 million per month. The calculations show that without bonuses, the CEO earned a monthly salary of Ksh 3,760,250

James is among the highest paid CEOs in Kenya, others include Safaricom CEO, Equity CEO,KCB CEO James Oigara and EABL CEO.Each of them takes home above Ksh5 million per month.

Centum is also among top 10 highest paying private companies in Kenya.A graduate trainee in the institution takes home over Ksh 120,000.