Photos of Mike Sonko Office


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has released photos of his office for the first time and Kenyans are not happy. Sonko, who is serving his first term, had provided hotlines to call Nairobi County but what shocked many is how he communicated the message. All the photos uploaded on his Facebook page had chairs, doors, trophies, windows and the floor coated with gold.It’s estimated that Sonko spent over Ksh1 billion to furnish his office.

Kenyans didn’t take the post positively, they accused the governor of flaunting his wealth as they languish in poverty. Here are some of the comments:

She Talketh Sonko…

Eat👏 their👏 money 👏

Eat that money and make them elect you again and eat it some more . Go for tours and holidays , wear all the gold you can carry hata ikibidi beba na hurubaro ! Tax ikikaa mbaya keep it safe in your bank account ! Nairobi deserves exactly what it voted in 😁

Joe Karoki What’s connection between the emergency lines and pictures of your gold decked meeting room. The flooded cbd is virtually “unwalkable” whenever it rains

Kasoso Matufi Was once a son of very humble Man I deeply know the late Mr. Gideon Mbuvi Kioko….well done brother Sonko!!! Gods grace…Keep walking in the Lord always and u shall prosper…more…

Karugu Martin All is vanity bwana sonko. Work for Nairobians. It’s not yet time to showcase your gold furnished boardroom.

Duncan K Muthusi 70% of Nairobians live in slums, while their Governor lives in blinding luxury……


Tahliil Adan Abdi A city with no drainage, no job opportunity and you are just everytime bragging in social media with your PR and emergency numbere since you know there is emergency to all the areas you did not tackled. Mostly, drainage is part of development, city should be a financial hub of the country and Nairobi needs to look like a city and where it deserves. Change your ways to change Nairobi. Leadership is integrity.

Karega David Ndungu All i can see is a huge dining table but only one man. This is a very lonely and sad photo. I think we need to relook at our definition of success…..

Diddy Nthiga I assure you by saa kumi na moja siku ya election utakua home,you work to make the great city again not showing us what y oy u have while some of us are diving in our home juu Nairobi haina drainage and the governor is busy side showing what he has and owns in social media..where did the HUMBLE mp for makadara went to???

Joseph K. Kitoo Was it the emergency lines or you wanted to showcase your gold decorated living/meeting room?

Dee Karis Sonko I swear sometimes you are so petty and out of focus at what really means to be a Governor. Nairobi is having Emergency 🚨 flooding yet you are posting pictures of your furniture? Talk about the wheels coming off the bus 🚌. Who really cares about your Gold plated furniture during this emergency? Sonko you made it in life and our Governor but please be humble while at it too. This is the time to address Flooding Emergencies 🚨 in the County and not showing us your December furniture sale in your house. I swear you are such a petty Governor.

Maximus Imperial Rex We are glad you live lavish, keep spiting the poor you represent,take as many god damn photos as you wish,but the true picture of the city shows,it is a shit hole but anyway keep balling & serve us with mediocrity.

These are the photos he posted that resulted to the comments above: