Salary of the President of Kenya in 2020


The monthly salary of the president of Kenya in 2020 is Ksh 1,750,000 which translates to an annual salary of Ksh 21,000,000

The salary of a president is subjected to a tax of 30%, NSSF and NHIF.After the deductions, he takes home Ksh 1,229,887.70

Below is the summary of the calculations:

Gross Pay 1,750,000.00
  PAYE 517,332.30
  NSSF (Tier I) 360.00
  NSSF (Tier II) 720.00
  NHIF 1,700.00
Total Deductions 520,112.30
Net Pay 1,229,887.70
PAYE Information:
Gross Pay 1,750,000.00
Allowable Deductions 1,080.00
Taxable Pay 1,748,920.00

There are other privileges the president enjoys, like free transport, free housing, a budget and staff who are paid by the government. State house is official residence of the President, it’s guarded 24/7. In addition to free security, the president is also given a budget of more than Ksh5 billion per year.

The president of Kenya is the highest paid civil servant followed by his Deputy who takes home Ksh 1,487,500 per month. The salaries are determined and reviewed by the Salaries and Renumeration Commission.