Why You Should not Marry a Lawyer


Marry a lawyer at your own risk. The worst thing you can do in life is to marry someone who knows too much. A lawyer is someone who is trained on how to deal with a man and how to emerge a winner regardless of a situation. The worst case is when you marry a lawyer when you have zero knowledge of law.

If you want to marry a lawyer, expect to get this in return:

  1. She will eventually divorce you

Any slight mistake you make will result to divorce. A lawyer will not give you a second chance especially if you are unfaithful. Her ego is so high that she won’t lie low when she feels not treated well. So the moment you marry a lawyer, know that she will one day divorce you.

  1. She will never respect you

If your wife is more learned and richer than you, don’t expect her to show you respect. Women lawyers are known to be full of themselves, those who are extremely successful will either divorce or disrespect their husbands. Throughout your life you’ll be living like a rained on chicken.

For average men, it’s advisable to avoid marrying female lawyers, marry them at your own risk.

  1. They are ever strict

Good life needs someone who can loosen up a bit, someone who can crack jokes and make a man happy. But lawyers tend to be so strict that they end up scaring their men. Most female lawyers walk with their titles to home where they always remind their men of the titles. Average men married to lawyers are living a miserable life.

One attribute most people don’t like about lawyers is that they live as if life revolves around books and law. It’s hard to find a lawyer who is outgoing, charming and friendly.

  1. They prefer being single

Lawyers prefer being single than getting married. These people have handled several cases until they develop an attitude towards men. When she comes to your house, she already has that believe that you’ll be as bad as other men. It’s rare to find a lawyer in a stable marriage.

  1. They apply equality in every situation except when expenses are involved: They are also activists

Lawyers believe that men are equal in every aspect except when expenses are involved. The mannerless ones will even order you to cook for them.

Naturally, lawyers are activists.Dealing with an activist is not easy my friend.

6.She is ever busy

Lawyers don’t have time to show you love,they are always busy.Marrying such a person demands patience.The most shocking thing is that you will be denied conjugal rights most of the time.