Jobs That Will Not Exist in Kenya in Future


There are a couple of jobs that will not exist in Kenya in future because their skills are not in demand anymore. If you are in a career that you think is going to be extinct it’s better, you shift to a more marketable career.

Research shows that jobs that are technology driven will be on demand as those which require less skills get replaced by technology.

Here is a list of jobs that will not exist in Kenya in future:

  1. Librarian

Nowadays people read information online, there is no need to go to the library to read a book. Even colleges and universities will have their libraries online.

Library Science course is one of the courses which education experts advise people against pursuing.

  1. Cashiers

There was a time when almost every bank had 3-20 cashiers but over time, banks have reduced the number to 1 or 2. This is because most people bank online, others transact via ATM.

Even cashiers in supermarkets will not have work in future because people prefer to order products online.

  1. Travel Agents

There are numerous websites with all information a tourist needs, thus no need of a travel agent. With a reliable website, one can book a room, hire a cab online and once they land at the arport, the cab will move them around. In short, travel agents won’t exist in Kenya in future.

  1. Actuaries

Now that models have been developed for insurance companies, governments and private firms that deal with risks, what is the use of Actuaries. There is no need to pay and Actuary Ksh500,000 every month when a company can buy a software for Ksh 1 million to do the job for the rest of that insurance’s life.

Actuarial Science will not exist in Kenya even with the hype that surrounds the profession.

  1. Cyber attendants

Cyber Cafes are being closed at an exponential speed, there is no need to have a Cyber Café when everyone is using their phone to search for information online.

  1. Radio Presenters

People get news online, they even watch news online. What’s the need of having Radio Presenters when everything being said on radio is in social media?!!!Even today, comedians do a better job than radio presenters, even with the absence of presenters, people will still

  1. Data Analysts

Why would you need a Data Analyst when anyone in the institution can analyze data? Statisticians and Data Analysts may not exist in future because there are software which automatically analyze data and produce reports.

  1. Accountants

Nowadays nobody lines up to be paid salary, everyone is paid via the bank. There are also several tools companies use to make payments. The work of an accountant is to ensure what is debited and what is credited balances but if there are software that can do the jobs, do we really need accountants? Even a secretary, driver or the owner can do the job.

  1. Matatu conductor

Companies plying long distance don’t need matatu conductor,it’s only short distance matatus that need someone to collect money.It will reach a time even short distance matatus will have their own systems and do away with conductors.There’s no need of paying someone Ksh 30,000 every month when the job can be done by even the driver.